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Automotive mold high-speed cutting technology

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Keywords: Automotive mold high-speed cutting technology
High-speed cutting processing technology has been widely used in the automotive mold manufacturing industry at home and abroad, and has achieved great benefits, but the mechanism and related theory of high-speed cutting processing is still not perfect. High-speed cutting database for automotive molds has not yet been established. Domestic and foreign companies choose the traditional "test cutting method" and "empirical method" as the methods of selecting high-speed cutting tool parameters and high-speed cutting processing parameters. When processing a new material, it is often necessary to use multiple tools for repeated cutting tests. , Study and analyze the tool wear, damage methods and their causes, find a set of the best tool materials and processing parameters, so repeated many times, blindness, and a lot of manpower, financial resources and resources. For high-speed machining of special materials such as alloy cast iron, high-strength alloy steels, and super alloys (such as titanium alloys), how to select suitable cutting tools based on material characteristics and how to design reasonable cutting parameters are still under research and development. in.

High-speed cutting machining technology is an advanced manufacturing technology in the 21st century. It has strong vitality and broad application prospects. High-speed cutting technology can solve a series of problems that are plagued in the conventional cutting of automotive molds. In recent years, in the United States, Germany, Japan and other industrial developed countries, high-speed cutting technology has been widely used in most of the mold companies, and about 85% of EDM molding processes have been replaced by high-speed machining. High-speed processing technology combines high efficiency, high quality, and low consumption, and has become the mainstream in the international mold manufacturing process.

Through the application of high-speed cutting technology in the automotive mold manufacturing industry at home and abroad, high-speed cutting technology has the following advantages:

1. High-speed cutting increases processing speed
High Speed Machining High-speed machining of automotive molds is performed at a cutting speed that is approximately 10 times higher than conventional cutting. Because the high-speed machine tool spindle excitation frequency far exceeds the "machine tool - tool - workpiece" system's natural frequency range, the automotive mold machining process is smooth and no impact.

2. High-speed cutting production efficiency
Using a high-speed machining center or a high-speed milling machine to process the mold, the roughing and finishing of the profile and the machining of the other parts of the car mold can be performed in a one-time setting of the workpiece, the so-called One Pass Machining technique. The application of high-speed cutting technology has greatly improved the development speed of automotive molds.

3. High-speed cutting can obtain high-quality machining surface
Due to the extremely small step length and depth of cut, high-speed cutting processes can achieve high surface quality, and even eliminating the need for fitters to repair light.

4. Simplify the processing process
Conventional milling can only be performed prior to quenching, and the deformation caused by quenching must be done manually or by electroforming. This can now be accomplished by high-speed machining without surface hardening due to electrical machining. In addition, due to the reduction in the amount of cutting, high-speed machining can use smaller diameter tools to process smaller fillet radii and mold details, saving some machining or manual finishing operations, thereby shortening the production cycle.

5. High-speed cutting makes the car mold repair process more convenient
Automotive molds often require multiple repairs to increase their service life. If high-speed cutting is used, the work can be completed more quickly. The machining effect of milling and grinding can be achieved, and the original NC program can be used without reprogramming. And can be accurate.

6. High-speed cutting machining of rigid automotive molds with complex shapes
According to the mechanism of high-speed cutting, when cutting at high speed, the cutting force is greatly reduced, and the cutting process becomes easier. High-speed cutting has great advantages in cutting high-strength and high-hardness materials, and can be processed with complex profiles and high hardness. Car molds.
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